Friday, November 9, 2007

Just Awesome.

I've been really convicted in the last few days about some issues in my life, because of some powerful messages that I've been listening to recently.

Mainly the issue I feel convicted about is my biblical strength- my ability to converse with believers and non believers, (particularly the latter) and be able to speak knowledgeably, and be able to provoke thoughts that lead others to the truth.

I know one of the common complaints that I (as well as numerous others) may have is how can we speak the truth of Jesus, with confidence to the non-believer.

As I pondered this, I realized that there is no easy solution besides seeking God through Prayer and immersing yourself in the word.

Here is an POWERFUL example, of the results of these actions.

Christian Guy Totally Owns Mormons - Watch more free videos

Thank you Jesus!


Crazy Chris said...

I saw this clip a few days ago. I was really impressed with the confidence this man spoke with. Very inspiring!

Ahsan Khan said...

cool blog post....yeahyeahyeah, that's about it