Monday, June 23, 2008

Faith Can Be Restored

I know we shouldn't have center our faith in the world and its people. This "fun fact" was especially reiterated to me as I wrote the last post- "Wretched World". But this morning, I prayed that God would encourage me, and help me understand where the light was in this world. I don't believe I stumbled upon this video by chance.

Where In The Hell Is Matt 2008 - Watch more free videos

Wretched World

I haven't posted in a while..partially because I haven't had much to say, but also because I don't think many people really read this blog. That reasoning of course, points out the true reason why this blogs exist- wanting others to worship me.

But what stirred me out of blogging hibernation was a story a friend of mine sent me about something she experienced recently. It made me think. It may make you think. So read on..

Subject: P's weekend
Disclaimer: Story from my weekend. Feel free to delete if you’re not interested. Also, feel free to respond as long as you’re not responding with your opinion on this war. That is NOT what this is about.

My Saturday night:
We hear a lot about the war. Everyone has their opinions on this war. I do believe that you can be against the war and still support the troops but this weekend I experienced a conversation that I found totally repulsive. And that feeling has stuck to me. I sat at a dinner party with a former US Marine who had served in Iraq . We were discussing all the things he experienced; just little stuff like the spiders, the heat and things of that nature. He told us a few things that I found very compelling; very touching human stories. He started by telling us about how things changed during the course of his time in Iraq . He recalled a time when he first got there and he accidently glanced at a woman for a split second. Women are not to be acknowledged and because he did so haphazardly glance toward her she was beaten in front of him because it was her fault that she had been acknowledged. He stood there not being able to do anything about it. Later, once women were given rights, he could intervene in that type of situation.

As the conversation continued he was talking about how the “enemy” did not engage in ethical warfare. He experienced having an injured individual surrender. Because he was injured they are required to render aid. So he tells another “Go cuff him so we can take him to a hospital. He is shot.” The other Marine goes to cuff him and the “surrendered” pulls a grenade killing them both.

The most compelling moment was him telling about people aiming at them with car bombs. They shoot once to tell the driver to stop and then they shoot to kill. Realizing that they do this, the driver would include his family in the car in order to cause hesitation in the Marine. He says, “I can see them through my scope. I can see a man driving full force at us and I can see his wife and kids screaming in the car. What do I do? Do I kill a family or do I let them blow us all up? What do I do?”

Later I was talking with another dinner guest who overheard this conversation. He says, “I couldn’t stand listening to that Marine talk all heroic about the war.” And I literally became sick to my stomach. Here there is this guy who was there, lived it, saw it first hand and was talking about his life experiences; very profound life experiences. This other guy was so self-righteous in his anti-war stance that he couldn’t even understand the value of such a human experience. He had no respect for this man who went over there and laid his life on the line day after day, had to deal with gut-wrenching moral dilemmas, and watched his friends get blown up before his eyes. Not to mention the lasting mental/emotional effects that would have on a person.

I really could not believe my ears that someone who probably sits behind a desk with a computer and AC all day could speak with such complete and total disdain in their voice regarding someone who had the guts to serve their country. I was completely disgusted. Despite my sarcasm I am generally all roses and sunshine in my outlook on life. But ever since then all I can think is how terrible this world is and how wretched we all really are.
So I read it. And it made me sad. So I began to write her back...but I started to think that perhaps this would be best if I shared what I was going to say to her, with all (use that term loosely) of you. So here ya go-


Its very unfortunate that that happened. People can be very close minded about a topic like this. It seems that an increasing majority of people form their views on limited research and the propoganda they're fed because they aren't willing to do the work needed to make a educated and well thought out point. So in an attempt to feel important, they formulate these one-sided opinions and spread them without a care in the world. And they are willing to degrade others who accept what they think or feel the same way.

But the real reason I replied back was what you said in the last two sentences of your story:

"Despite my sarcasm I am generally all roses and sunshine in my outlook on life. But ever since then all I can think is how terrible this world is and how wretched we all really are."

There was an article ( I read recently about how American's are depressed and anxious about various issues going on. Fires, floods, war, famine, our economy, and gas prices have resulted in tremendous worry and a general feeling of helplessness.

Though your story focuses on the moral issues of the war, your conclusion is focused on the state of our country and the mood of its people. Perhaps all these opinions can be traced to a general sense of hopelessnes that Americans have. Afterall, we are probably the first generation that has to deal with the thought that US isn't as powerful and prosperous as it once was. And we're seeing evidence of that each day. We're also the first group that have seen the tremendous properity of the last two decades- so the last years have been like a constant punch in the gut. But History has taught us that every great civilization falters- I guess no one ever really discusses the psychological turmoil that people can experience when their civilization begins to fall.

And I think I'm kind of replying because your story was a little encouraging- in a weird way. Not that I am happy that you are discouraged- but because I am not alone in feeling this way. In fact, this morning, from the time I woke up till I read your email, I had been dwelling on worries about life- from the very issues about my future in this economy, to personal anxiety about my life's issues. I was even thinking about how nice it would be to go back to the 80s and early 90s when I didn't have any of these thoughts!

But I when I get this way, I have to remind myself that this anxiety is here because I am allowing myself to look at the situation as a non-believer would. (I still haven't quite mastered not doing that.) What I mean is that as a non-believer, you don't have security in why you're here now, or where you're going afterwards. (Trust me, if people say they don't believe in God, its because they're convicted by the sin they've committed thus far a don't know about grace, or they've pondered the tremedous changes their life would have to undergo by recognizing God's existence and simply don't want to.) So as a non-believer, you might see these issues with great worry and feel like you have no control over the coming days.

But in contrast- as a believer, you can cope with these issues by reminding yourself there is life after this world, and that all the negativity in the world are explained by sin. Something the Bible clearly describes and even fortells.

Anyways, this has been more of a ramble than anything...but I'm glad you sent me that inspired me to process somethings that I've been struggling with and remind myself about how I should approach discouraging issues.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Love it.

Micheal Moore has made some decent movies..on occassion. He is also extremely fat nowadays. This post is about his latter achievement.
(Click on the picture to see it enlarged)

This posting was orginally made by the hilarious blogger- What Would Tyler Durden Do .

Its all in the name...

Marketing is an art form. It seems as those these businesses need some art lessons.


(No Comment Necessary)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Science Fair

Remember all the zany projects that we came up with when you did a Science Fair project in elementary school? I can finally appreciate the teachers who had to review all of the submissions.

So here's to you- "What Happens When You Eat Your Boogers"..

Friday, February 15, 2008

I love the WWW.

Ok, so I stumbled upon this blog: Stuff White People Like

Its awesome! The more I read it, the more I realized its not a joke website, though some of the things listed are rather funny. They actually take the things they believe white people enjoy, and break it down. Here is a sample (guest post from another site) that I found particularly amusing yet true.

Top Ten Hip Hop Songs White People Love

Monday, February 11, 2008

For all the baby-mommas out there...

The pictures seem are from a book by David and Kelly Sopp. All credits go to them, for the marvelous book! If you like it, you can buy it on Amazon, as it would make a great gift:

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm Back Baby!!

Another hiatus for the extended holidays. I am gathering all my adventures and exploits to share in the upcoming days..but till then, here is where I get my ideas for pranking all you unsuspecting people!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Just Awesome.

I've been really convicted in the last few days about some issues in my life, because of some powerful messages that I've been listening to recently.

Mainly the issue I feel convicted about is my biblical strength- my ability to converse with believers and non believers, (particularly the latter) and be able to speak knowledgeably, and be able to provoke thoughts that lead others to the truth.

I know one of the common complaints that I (as well as numerous others) may have is how can we speak the truth of Jesus, with confidence to the non-believer.

As I pondered this, I realized that there is no easy solution besides seeking God through Prayer and immersing yourself in the word.

Here is an POWERFUL example, of the results of these actions.

Christian Guy Totally Owns Mormons - Watch more free videos

Thank you Jesus!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Walmart in the Morning

So yesterday my brother Chris sent me an email announcement that Walmart was having a big sale today at 8am. Normally a Walmart sale doesn’t get me fired up because there is only so many car air filters and Ex-lax one can stockpile in your underground shelter.

However, this sale was actually pretty good- they had 4 items you could choose from. The best of which was either an Acer Laptop for $398 or a Toshiba HD Dvd player for $98. I immediately became excited of the thought of seeing HD movies and was interested in that, so I decided that I would beat the crowds, and stop on my way to work, just pick up one. It would probably add 10-15 minutes to my commute.
I was wrong..

I arrived at 7:30am and proceeded to the electronics section to look for (what I assumed) the giant stack of DVD players. Let me first just say that you have to be a dedicated person to do your Walmart shopping at 7:30am. Not only are you faced with a plethora of workers that are moving like they are wearing pants full of molasses, but their combined “morning-brain-power” is that of a jellyfish. As I searched along each of the aisles, and low and behold- didn’t find it, I paused to ask a employee named (not making this up) “Danishique," where the sale items were.

Me: “Excuse me, do you know where the sale DVD players are?”

Danishique: “I nonno. (Translation: I don’t know Sir) Goasslayaway" (Translation: Go ask layaway)

Me: Nothing because she was already walking away.

So I went to “Lay Away” and lo and behold I saw it. A line of people. I was number 9 in the line. I found out quickly, through the line gossip, that A) They wouldn’t begin to sell till 8am and B) there were only 11 DVD players available.

So as I waited, I begin to observe the 8 people in line in front of me. Here is what I witnessed:

Customer #1- Super Nerd
Description: Short nerdy fellow, approximately 35-40 years old, not married (or much less has touched a woman), wearing a “Spock Rules” tshirt, carrying a HAM Radio/Police Scanner ON HIS BELT with an ear piece in his ear.
(Artists Conception)

Behavior: Very excited to be there to get both a computer and DVD player. According to his conversation with EVERYONE IN LINE (even if you weren’t talking to him or even making eye contact), he had arrived at 5am (sale started at 8am) and was glad he got there to get this awesome computer. Kept getting out of line to walk around corner (which the line was beginning to wrap around) and see how far the line had grown. (With each line check, he would remind the audience of his arrival at 5am and how glad he was that he was first.)

Customer #2- Fat Super Nerd
Description- Dude who looks EXACTLY like the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons
Behavior: Spends most of his time in line trying to get Customer #1's attention to tell him that he knew about this sale before anyone on the planet- including the management of Walmart, because he knew this guy that works in a Walmart in Arkansas. Has a large leather fanny purse that possibly holds the stick of butter he munches on to maintain his figure.

Customers #3-6- White Trash Walmart Big Spenders
Behavior: These "L.O.W."s or Ladies Of Walmart, are guarding their spot in line like its the bucket of fried chicken they consumed for breakfast that morning. They glare angrily at Customer #1 each time he leaves the line and thus his right to get the prized computers, or "Electric Etch-A-Skitches" as they fondly refer to them.

Customers #7-8- Asian Ebay Wizards
Description: Every item these two purchase is for the sole purpose of reselling.
Behavior: These two talked non stop about purchasing the computer and DVD player, and how much money they could get for it on Ebay. Showed no apparent work clothing, indicating their home business being their full time occupation, but seemed successful at purchasing items the first day they come out and selling them at small profits before Christmas. Both were surfing the internet on their phones, listening to music on their MP3 players, while talking to each other and prospective buyers/suckers on the phone. If Walmart didn't have a 1 item per customer policy, these two would have screwed me, and the 47 other people in line behind me.

Customer #9- Me
Behavior- Super cool